The Kaivac 1250 –

Small, convenient, powerful!

The Kaivac 1250 is the smallest of the No-Touch Cleaning® systems, yet it delivers the same industrial strength capabilities as our other systems. The lightweight and upright design of the versatile system makes it extremely easy to maneuver, move up or down stairs or load into a vehicle. In fact, the compact footprint enables it to set on many standard janitors’ carts, including those from Rubbermaid® and Continental®. It‘s perfect for smaller jobs or facilities, like elementary schools, nursing homes, daycare centers, c-stores, restaurants, residential and more.


The Kaivac 1250 –
Clean Results
Thanks to
High Pressure!

Especially for small facilities, where efficient and at the same time flexible cleaning is necessary, Kaivac 1250 is the perfect no-touch cleaning system.

  • High-powered indoor pressure washer
  • Reliable wet vacuum motor
  • Industry's best squeegee blades for maximum soil removal
  • Convenient dumping dirty water in the nearest toilet and filling clean water at the nearest sink.
  • Accurate chemical metering
  • Easy maneuvering & transporting
  • Removable engine compartment provides easy access to all mechanical components.
  • Quiet operation
  • Chemical-free cleaning possible
  • Hepa filtration exhaust and blow
  • Multipurpose operation on any surface and space
  • Certificate by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) as providing 'High Traction'.

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